The 9th World Congress in Jaipur India

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We look forward to you joining us for the 9th World Congress of the Dandy Society. It will be held in the UNESCO World Heritage city of Jaipur, India.

Congress President

Prof. Siddartha Ghosh

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Prof. Anil Pande  

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Prof. P Sarat Chandra

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Prof. Atul Goel


Prof. Sanjay Behari

Joint Senior Organizing Secretaries

The Congress will be   held at the Royal Quest  Hotel.

The Vijayran Royal Quest  Hotel Palace-One of the   Finest Resorts in Rajasthan

Special Announcement 

Given the global economic issues/recession, the Dandy Society is Subsiding the Registration Fees for Neurosurgeons.

Registration Fee of 500 dollars includes:

1) Congress Registration

2) Three Nights Stay at the The 5-Star Vijayran Royal Quest Hotel Palace or the Jaibagh Palace

3) Meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner)

4) Admission to the Hands-On Microanastomosis Course(the number of seats are limited for the course, so it is based on first come first serve basis)

Please click to button below to register

Hands-On EC-IC Bypass & Microanastomosis Course

     Course Co-Directors:
Dr. Andrei Giovanni          Dr. Shaswat Mishra


  • Microanastomosis Training
  • STA-MCA Bypass
  • High Flow Bypass Techniques
  • The “Abdulrauf” Internal Maxillary Artery to Intracranial Bypass
  • Performing “Awake” Bypass

Hands-On Training: Microanastomosis
Some of the most respected Vascular Neurosurgeons from around the world will serve as the faculty. 

Professor Abdulrauf will personally teach you the step-by-step high-flow internal maxillary artery (IMAX) to MCA Bypass.