Recurrent SMA Syndrome Supports the Theory of Reorganization of SMA Function.

Recurrent Supplementary Motor Area Syndrome Following Repeat Brain Tumor Resection Involving Supplementary Motor Cortex

Taylor J. Abel, MD, Robert T. Buckley, MD, Ryan P. Morton, MD, et al. (Stroke)

In this single-institution retrospective study, for 15 patients who underwent repeated resection of LGG from the superior and middle frontal gyrus. Their study was aiming to describe the presentation and clinical course of patients who developed recurrent SMA syndrome after redo resection of tumors involving the SMA.They found that 6 patients developed SMA syndrome after both initial and repeated tumor resection. No patients who had SMA syndrome after initial resection did not develop recurrent SMA syndrome upon redo craniotomy. The authors concluded that SMA syndrome can recur after repeated resection of tumors in the SMA region. The occurrence of recurrent SMA syndrome support the theory of reorganization of SMA function to adjacent ipsilateral cortex after resection.

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