Spine Hands-On Course

Day 1 Spine Course
Monday, October 2nd, 2017
Co-Directors: Haroon Choudhri & Oscar Alves  
Time Topic Speaker Lab Faculty
Lab Schedule    
Basheer Shakir
Jun Ho Lee
Khalid Al Ali
Tanvir Choudhri
Hazem Eltahawy
Vassilios Dimopoulos
Terrence Julien
8:00-8:10 Welcome and lab overview Haroon Choudhri
8:10-8:20 Posterior Cervical Anatomy Basheer Shakir
8:20-8:30 Lateral Mass screw insertion techniques Óscar Alves
In Lab    
8:30AM First Prosection – Lateral Mass Instrumentation Jun Ho Lee
9:00AM Second Prosection – Upper Thoracic Screws Khalid Al Ali
10:00AM Third Prosection – C12 Tanvir Choudhri
11:00AM Fourth Prosection – OC instrumentation Hazem Eltahawy
12:00PM Lunch Break  
1:00PM Fifth Prosection – Cervical Osteotomies / Deformity Correction Vassilios Dimopoulos
2:00PM Sixth Prosection – Deconstructive Analysis of screw placement and vertebral artery location Terrence Julien
3:00PM Seventh Prosection – C12 freehand technique Haroon Choudhri
4:00PM Open dissection and opportunities to review complex cases All Faculty
5:00PM Lab conclusion  

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