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Since three years the Abdulrauf University of Neurosurgery and Walter Dandy Neurosurgical Society organises the Medical Student World Congress of Neurosurgery. The success story will continue in 2024 and offers you to be a part of it! You will work in a team of like-minded people and have an insight look into the organisation of international congresses. Fill in the form and we will reach out to you!

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Stefan Suvak | Congress President
Yana Al-Inaya | Congress Vice-President
Katharina Kersting | Scientific Program Co-Chair
Robert Klövekorn | Scientific Program Co-Chair
Marcel R. Oelerich | Joint Corporate and Sponsorship Chair
Hakim Dziri | Marketing Chair
Abed Alrazzak Kerhani | IT Chair
Mikołaj Pożarowszczyk | Scientific Program Chair
Jenna Schellin | Annual Meeting Chair

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Committee Descriptions

Committee Descriptions

AMC | Annual Meeting Committee

The annual meeting committee takes care of important tasks locally in Hamburg. Which hotel do we choose? Where will the congress take place? The planning of the social program is also part of it, and they ensure that all attendees have a wonderful on-site experience.

JCSC | Joint Corporate and Sponsorship Committee

The Joint Corporate Sponsoring Committee takes care of the finances of the congress. Without this team, the congress would not be possible. This team is responsible for finding sponsors and planning the costs and revenues of the congress. In addition, the workshops are planned and put together.

MC | Marketing Committee

The Marketing Committee plays an important role in the time before the congress. It is about the creation of graphics and videos as well as the implementation of a good marketing strategy to reach as many students from different countries as possible. Here different marketing tools and ideas will be outlined and realized in cooperation with the other committees and potential partners.

IT Committee

The IT Committee makes everything happen in the background. So it is about the administration of the website and the registration of the participants. Also, on-site technical things have to be solved like, for example, the poster presentations.

SPC | Scientific Program Committee

The Scientific Program Committee organizes the scientific program. Which speakers and which lectures do we want to have? The content of the congress must be carefully selected to provide an exciting and educational program for our participants.

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3rd Medical Student World Congress of Neurosurgery

31st of Aug to the 2nd of Sep


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