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The Walter E. Dandy Neurosurgical Society organizes the Medical Student World Congress of Neurosurgery Series, a milestone since 2021. These conferences provide valuable educational opportunities for medical students, featuring lectures, workshops, and interactive sessions with renowned neurosurgeons. Students can expand their knowledge, network with professionals, and stay updated on advancements in the field.

1st Medical Student World Congress of Neurosurgery | Crete 2021

The first congress took place in Crete, Greece in 2021. Already at the first congress medical students, residents and neurosurgeons from more than 30 different countries gathered. The motto of the congress was “boundless thinking” and it offered space for disruptive technologies and perspectives on overcoming barriers in neurosurgery and beyond. Alongside keynote lectures, panel discussions and interactive workshops featuring well over twenty expert.

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Among our speakers were Prof. Bernhard Meyer (Germany), Prof. Mehmet Zileli (Turkey), Prof. lype Cherian (India), Prof. Philippe Schucht (Switzerland), Dr. Breno Nery (Brasil), Dr. Raul Rincon-Navarro (Mexico), Prof. Andres Lozano (Canada) and many more. The Boundless Ingenuity Session was the spotlight on new inventions and novel concepts whereas the Boundless Diversity Session served as a forum topromote gender equity in neurosurgery.
Thinking outside the box has laid the foundation for the success story of Medical Student World congresses for neurosurgery. A highlight of our congress was the gala dinner with all our participants in a breathtaking atmosphere and unforgettable conversations.

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2nd Medical Student World Congress of Neurosurgery | Granada 2022

In 2022 the second Medical Student World Congress of Neurosurgery followed. It took place in Granada, Spain. Now students and neurosurgeons from over 40 different countries participated. The motto was “harmony in diversity” and gave space for highlighting the significance and power of multifariousness in both neurosurgery and beyond. With many groundbreaking lectures a unique insight into the world of neurosurgery was pictured.

We were proud to have our speakers inspiring the next generation of neurosurgeons: Prof. Peter Vajkoczy (Germany), Prof. Jörg- Christian Tonn (Germany), Dr. Alvaro Cordoba (Uruguay), Dr. Atilla Yilmaz (Turkey), Dr. Samer Elbabaa (USA), Prof. Roberto Herrera (Argentina), Dr. Meenakshi Pande (India), and Prof. Walter Stummer (Germany)….

It was a pleasure to attend the Granada Congress.
I have witnessed a highly
motivated and enthusiastic next #NSGY generation. Congratulations!

Prof. Vajkoczy, Charité Berlin

I congratulate the organizers of
the 2022 Medical World Student Congress of Neurosurgery for their passion, dedication, and perseverance. It was my honor to discuss strategies of future science with so many brilliant young minds.
Prof. Schucht, Bern

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3rd Medical Student World Congress of Neurosurgery | Hamburg 2023

The third edition of our Congress took place in Hamburg from 31st of August to 2nd of September 2023. The motto was “Gate to New Worlds” – representative of building bridges between countries and enabling friendships and cooperation much like the port of Hamburg served in the 19th century as one of the world’s largest overseas ports as a hub to reach various places in the world. In 2023, we had more than 280 participants, 33 speakers, and people from over 45 countries in the world. You can take a look at the highlights of the Congress here.

Among our inspiring speakers were: Professor Saleem I. Abdulrauf, Professor Hugues Duffau, Professor Mitchel S. Berger, Professor Bernhard Meyer and Professor Jens Gempt. With a number of workshops and a great social program, the Congress was bustling much like the city itself, and we closed out the event with our much-anticipated Gala dinner.

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