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I) Types of Works Accepted:

  • We accept original research, literature reviews, meta-analyses, case reports, and clinical trials related to neurosurgery and neuroscience.

II) Word Count Limit:

  • The abstract should not exceed a word count of 300 words for original works, reviews, and meta-analyses. Case reports can be 250 words long.

III) Structured Format:

  • Original works, reviews, and meta-analyses should be structured into Introduction, Methods, Results, and Conclusions.
  • Case reports should be structured into Introduction, Case Description, and Conclusions.

IV) Essential Information:

  • Abstracts should succinctly summarize the core statement of the research, focusing on essential information and findings.

V) Inclusive Acceptance:

  • We welcome submissions from all disciplines and research areas related to neurosurgery and neuroscience.

VI) Presentation Options:

  • Accepted abstracts will be considered for poster presentations.
  • Outstanding abstracts may be selected for Rapid Fire Sessions or Oral Presentations.

VII) Presentation Details:

  • Details of the presentation type will be provided to authors once their abstracts are accepted.
  • Specific instructions regarding poster dimensions and presentation guidelines will be communicated upon acceptance.

VIII) Submission Guidelines:

  • Authors are encouraged to adhere to formatting guidelines provided on the submission platform.

IX) Important Dates:

  • Submission deadline: July 1st, 2024.
  • Authors will receive notification regarding the acceptance of their abstracts.

X) Important Notes:

  • Attendance at the congress necessitates registration. While submitting abstracts, students are exempt from this requirement.
  • Upon receiving notification of abstract acceptance, students are required to complete registration within one week thereafter, unless already registered for the 2024 congress.

XI) Contact Information:

  • For enquiries or assistance, please contact our Scientific Program Committee chairs: Gokce Armagan and Weronika Lusa at this e-mail address:


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4th Medical Students
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