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The Medical Students’ World Congress of Neurosurgery began in Crete, followed by Granada and Hamburg. The 4th edition is slated to take place in Florence, from September 4th to 7th, 2024. Our envisioning for the Congress is a setting where students interested in neurosurgery are immersed in an environment where that passion is nurtured and developed with access to:

  • Educational lectures by esteemed neurosurgeons.
  • Student presentation sessions that set the stage for sharing novel research.
  • Mentorship sessions that allow for immense learning.
  • Workshops that provide a hands-on experience.
  • Social program to strengthen connections and networks.

There are now over 50 different national Dandy Clubs worldwide and the network is constantly growing. Our vision is to enable all interested medical students, regardless of their background, to participate in this network and influence the future of neurosurgery. By providing a platform for learning and an exchange of ideas – we aim to support fellow students on their path to becoming neurosurgeons.

Further, we believe that it is a path that bears more fruit if it is walked together. At the Congress, we focus on shaping the programme to ensure that students have ample opportunity to network, connect, and create friendships that transcend borders. In the future, we hope that Congress participants (past, present and future) will have each other to learn from and rely on as we all work towards our shared passion for Neurosurgery.


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