Professor Malik Receives Dandy 2015 Medal

Malik_GhausProfessor Ghaus Malik
Exec. Vice Chair, Department of Neurosurgery
Director, Cerebrovascular Surgery Program
Service Chief, Department of Neurosurgery, HF West Bloomfield Hospital
Henry Ford Hospital
Detroit, United States


Dear colleagues,

It is a sincere honor for me to announce that Professor Ghaus Malik has been selected by the Dandy Medal Nominating Committee as the official recipient of the 2015 medal.

As the first President of this Society, I had the honor to provide to the Dandy Medal Nominating Committee the guidelines for the Medal. These guidelines are based on three main qualifications:

  1. Has achieved mastery within a discipline of neurosurgery.
  2. Has produced seminal scholarly work within that discipline of neurosurgery.
  3. Has been a mentor to a whole generation of neurosurgeons.

The Dandy Medal Nominating Committee receives nominations from neurosurgical societies and neurosurgeons worldwide. The chosen medalist’s mastery is based on attestations by his or her peers within said discipline. The Committee through review of the nominees’ publications judges pioneering scholarly work. The mentorship is substantiated by attestations made by the trainees of the nominee.

Professor Malik is an authority in cerebrovascular surgery and a recognized master in AVM surgery, in which he has one of the largest series in the world over the past 3 decades. His original work on AVMs has had an impact on the surgical treatment of these lesions. The testimonies of his former residents, who are currently in practice throughout the US, speak with deep respect and long lasting admiration that, to me, is the hallmark of those who truly guide our specialty.

The official Medal Ceremony will be held at the Dandy 2015 Annual Meeting in Dubai on November 21st.

The Dandy Medal is the highest honor the Society bestows upon a neurosurgeon. Professor Malik is a giant among men as well as a giant among neurosurgeons.



Saleem I. Abdulrauf, M.D., FACS
Walter E. Dandy Neurosurgical Society